Why is dark window tinting on cars illegal?

Is tinting illegal for your automobile?

Do you ever stop and think to yourself Wise things are the way they are in history. Was there some event that caused the tinting of windows to be illegal. Or was it just some random law that was passed for no apparent reason. According to a Hamilton tinting service that I have used in the past, the history of tints being too dark has A fairly straightforward explanation. And it’s something that you might not expect.

Have you ever had your windows tinted and actually watch the process that happens when they apply the tent? For some reason I thought before that they were maybe applying some sort of coating but rather they are actually peeling and sticking on A window film. Now you would think that the reason a tent is a legal is because police need to be able to see a driver. This isn’t necessarily the case according to some Alberta officials.

The film applied to the windshield of a car can prevent it from shattering properly. This is a safety precaution that is put into action to make sure that the glass shatters in a way that prevents large pieces from penetrating into the driver or passenger’s riding in the vehicle. So if you have a tent that is not legal it might not just be related to the darkness of the tent but could also be related to the thickness causing the glass on your automobile to not shatter properly similarly to how the front of your vehicle will crush in a specific way minimizing the impact to the passengers inside of the vehicle. a mor ein detail description can be found here on the Globe and Mail automotive section.

Not every providence and state is the same however. Some places have more crime and they’re more concerned about people concealing their identity well they’re driving around so it’s important to know just how dark of a tint you can possibly get. Most people will not truly try to get the darkest possible but you might be putting your self in danger of getting a large fine. Imagine just driving down the street one day, Getting pulled over, and needing to pay over $500 as well as having your tint removed from your vehicle and reapplied in a lighter shade. Obviously something that you don’t want to do.

The actual rules surrounding how dark your tint can be our is unclear as the drivers hiding behind limo tinted vehicle windshields. There is literally articles where people have asked to see you specifically what the police consider illegal. It may come as a surprise to you that you’re we are windshield can be completely blacked out. Although this may be obvious to some especially those who have driven in the trucking industry where you can never see out of your back window anyways. When learning how to drive you are taught to use your mirrors on the left and right side rather than turning around and looking through your back windshield. So the justification must be that having the back windshield tinted or blacked out is not really an issue because all drivers should be trained to prevent this being a driving hazard.

Will Self-Driving Cars Take Off?

We’ve been hearing about self-driving cars for a while, but how close are they actually to being a reality? It’s still not exactly clear. However, we are close enough that we can start asking questions about how this is going to actually work in society.

Consumers will certainly be anticipated to pray a premium for self-driving vehicles; they are anticipated to cost a minimum of 3 G’s more than average automobiles. Given the existing state of the economy, it may be hard to persuade consumers to spring the extra money. Vehicle makers are most likely to appeal to more buyers if they are able to keep expenses down. Several features that were considered once high-ends such as navigation systems and also USB connection have actually made their way into even the most inexpensive autos.

The framework is currently not in the position in order to support independent autos. In addition to creating sensing unit systems that can identify various other vehicles and objects, they will certainly additionally need to think of a global system that will allow vehicles to communicate with one another. This may prove to be a problem if many of the vehicles when driving remain standard autos. In addition to noticing other cars, cars will certainly need to have the ability to analyze traffic lights, indications as well as guard rails.

There will constantly be security worries when it involves independent cars. Hacking and also viruses could be a worry if the vehicles will rely upon computers in order to communicate. Safety and security should be spruced up since one breach could possibly lead to mayhem.

Furthermore, there will consistently be vehicle enthusiasts who enjoy driving for the benefit of driving. They appreciate regulating the car, guiding as well as might locate driving relaxing, comforting and fun. These people may never ever convert to self-governing vehicles.

Benefits of independent vehicles consist of a decline in mishaps as well as less psychological tension. A huge bulk of car accidents take place due to motorist mistake; independent cars would certainly be much safer since everything will be computer regulated. Motorists will certainly also locate it much more soothing to review a publication or browse on their laptop computers without needing to navigate through website traffic after a long day at the office. Just time will certainly tell if independent vehicles could genuinely come true within the next years.

The thing to remember is that self-driving cars are not going to solve all the problems of the road. In fact, in some cases, they will create more. But, it will certainly be exciting to see how it turns out.


Don’t Ignore A Windshield Crack

So you got a cracked windshield…what are you going to do about it? I hope the answer is anything other than nothing because that will leave you in an even bigger predicament.

When you postpone getting windshield fracture repair service, you are running a great risk of increased damage. It will cost much more in the long run if you have to change the windshield down the line, than if you would get it fixed instantly.

Even if there isn’t further damage, windshield cracks are dangerous. Windshield fractures are well-known for shooting through your line of vision. This is not just harmful to everybody on the roadway, but it’s also illegal in many jurisdictions. You might wind up with a variety of charges or tickets that will cost more than fixing your windshield.

Regardless, safety should be the number one concern. When a windshield gets cracked, the factory seal is broken which damages the structural stability of the windshield. Your windshield is the last obstacle in between you and the pavement and functions much like a security belt or air bag.

Windshield fracture repair work is an easy procedure that you can get taken care or right away. Windshield fracture repair service provides you nearly immediate outcomes and rapidly makes your windshield strong once again.

Any repair shop can take care of it fairly cheap, but if you are handy you can even do it yourself. Check out this link this guide by Popular Mechanics or watch this video:

Is Towing Service A Good Career For Mechanics in Ottawa?

Considering Starting A Towing Service in Ottawa

I’ve been working on cars for a long time now and one thing I know is that there’s multiple way to earn an income in the automobile industry. One of the ways you can get out of a shop and onto the road is by working as a tow truck driver. In Ottawa, there’s a few reliable companies i’ve looked a before like 24/7 Towing Ottawa. You can see what they’re about on their website. I do think helping people can be a really satisfying experience. So pairing working on cars with also helping people would be a great position for me. After working in a shop repair vehicles for many years, you get tired of seeing the same four walls over and over and it makes me wonder if maybe I should expand my business and add some towing trucks to my services offered. It’s tough to say whether or not it would work our or if I would find it annoying but it may be worth a shot.

How much do tow truck drivers make

The average tow truck service price seams to be about an even $100 but from what I hear there are some big pay days. As explained in on yahoo answers the tow truck driving job can be a commission job. If you’re only making 10% on the job then it’s absolutely a waste of time. But the company I talked to said more like 30%. SO if you think about it, maybe $100 per tow and you do about 10 per day then you’ve got yourself a decent take at around $300. This is of course assuming they are going to cover gas and everything.

Would It Be Fun To be A Tow Truck Driver

Th one thing I love about wha tI currently do is the autonomy. I can choose what to fix and when to fix it in the tuning business the custom factor is very entertaining. There’s so many unique parts that you’ll need to find custom solutions for the seemingly normal parts like gear shifter, engines and brakes. It’s just not cut and dry at all.

Towing Service Earnings

The salary for tow truck drivers is hovering somewhere around $30,000 per year, which is pretty low given I am nearly double that slaty annually. I think you would need to factor in that when I tow vehicle I can also take them to my body shop for further repairs. Something that might not be an option for some young guys just starting out getting their first tow truck and trying to figure out there rent. They aren’t thinking about investing for a long term gain. If you own the truck and can produce your own calls then you are pretty well set I mean look a some of the auto glass companies that also have a towing service. It’s absurd the kind of many that can be made when you combine both into one automotive solution and have reliable guys hired to complete all the work.

Towing and the Law

Sems there’s been quite a few pblems with towing and the police in Ontario. The tow truck drivers are apparently racing to the accidents because their is a big payout of $350 hookup and 2-5 per km in Canada. Compared to the usual $100 there is a great incentive to risk a $500 fine racing to the scene of an accident. I don’t know about you but if the math adds up and I don’t lose my license I would pay that fine all day. Oh well just another thing for Canada’s new prime minister Justin Trudeau to figure out. Maybe the liberal government will tackle this issue after they legalize marijuana in Ontario and the accidents levels to drunks driving go down just like they did in Colorado, From one gear head/pothead to another, I’m tired of dealing with my Hell’s Angels pot dealer I just want to go somewhere like the LCBO and buy a gram for fucks sakes. Maybe I should act like this company did and charge $48,000 for service on an old jeep.

Kegs, Limos & Ambulances: My First Year of University in Ottawa

It all started the day I walked back into high school for a victory lap year to up my grades and get into University. Well first day back from Summer I was rolling in with a brutally sprained ankle. Like ripe throbbing type deal. Was pretty horrible. So I got to my first class and pull up a second chair. My doctor suggested I keep the foot elevated, so I did. Within moments, a power thirsty Catholic school teacher was demanding I follow her classroom rules and not elevate my foot. Bam sent down to the principles office haha. I left that high school that afternoon and never went back.

From there I managed to get in the back door of a brand new media arts program at a local college. An easy booze ridden year with 75% got me a one way ticket to my school of choice in Ottawa, Ontario. Carleton University. Problem was I had no place to live. So I drove up to my cousins place and began the hunt. After seeing 10 or so houses I got a phone call. The situation: A guy owned a house that he was tearing down at the end of the year. In his words, “Turn it into a fraternity house if you want” I don’t care.

We proceeded to throw a keg party that got bigger and bigger every month. Eventually ending up in a ginourmous blowout party with limos, strippers, kegs and ambulances. Maybe i’ll go into a bit more tom each party but the wildest was probably the very last one. I had posted an add for a topless bartender on a local classifieds site called kijiji for those not in Canada (that’s craiglists equivalent here.) In came a stream of topless photos and I went ahead and added the tag “Topless Bartenders” to flyers that were posted on campus.

That night there was several hinder people packed into a bungalow and a wild party went down. But some jackasses ended up tearing down a portion of the patio. obviously this lead to a big fight and eventually a full street brawl went down. The first group of guys led the party but walked by a dumpster and decided to come back warrior style with pipes and bricks somewhere along Prince Of Whales Dr. in Ottawa. I can tell you at least 2 people needed facial restructuring surgery.

Was pretty brutal, house was demolished, good thing the house was literally being demolished the next month. But most spectacular of all. No fines and no tickets. I pretended to be the sole owner of the Carleton University off-campus student house. Told the cops that I got knocked out early, woke up and my house was being trashed…Can’t believe they bought it, or perhaps they just felt bad, but I never had to pay for those ambulances for any of the list of laws that were broken. Perhaps I’ll find some pictures. and post this up with some visuals of the previous parties. This post was little more real than you’d normally see from a future shop owner but..this is me and working with real people is better anyways.

My Predictions For The Smartphone Industry

I bought my first smartphone in early 2012 and soon after bought the iPhone 4s. At the time of writing this article it is now September 11, 2015. I’ve had this iPhone 4s for nearly 3 years and, surprisingly, it still works like the day I got it. I can’t even explain the amount of whiskey fuelled nights, reckless festival camping trips, getting out the car drops and unexplained dropping of this phone that has happened.

The single only piece of damage that this phone has taken was to the back cover of the iPhone body it’s self. Which I already got repaired when I mailed it into The Phone Lad repair shop in Sault Ste. Marie. I can’t remember how much it was but it was around $60 plus mailing it. I live pretty far north so it was worth just mailing it in. What’s funny is that as soon as I got my phone back, 3 of my other buddies found out about this service and boom they sent there phones down and got them back fixed within a week. Now what does this mean? Well I’m thinking one of the biggest economic industries of 2015 is cell phone repairing businesses. I have no idea how much they make but you what…if I drop my phone again…which is likely to happen within the next 3 years. They’ll be getting my business again through the mail. So let’s do the math. 30 million canadians. Lets be conservative and say that at least 7 millions iPhones. Now, how many beers is that? And how many canucks with a beer in one hand and phone in the other means a phone repair for cell phone repair businesses like this one? Well perhaps the average would be 1/3 cell phone users needs a repair every year. So let’s say 1 million repairs!!! a year. That make the industry worth 50-100 million in repairs alone. All for the simple fix of a silly drop pictured below.

Broken iPhone screen

Pretty crazy to think about just how may cell phones are out there. So what’s my prediction? I think the refurbish industry will outgrow the new smartphone industry as people get tired of signing onto ridiculous plans and worldwide wifi, from guys like Elon Musk become the norm. With worldwide wifi…there not going to be a need to sign up for a contract. Which makes a $700 phone purchase ludacris when a repair or customization is only $100. I’m not sure show long i’ll stick with iPhone 4s but it just keeps going. I guess the new iPhone and iOS update was actually good news for the iPhone4s as Apple decided to make it reasonable “memory wise” to allow. Meaning all of us stuck on the old operating system now have the opportunity to get the full upgrade. I have a 16g, I don’t think it was even possible to have the iOS 8 update put on my phone. A few times, staring at that cracke diphone screen, i did consider the upgrade but us 4sr’s must ride strong! Apparently apple to notice and stopped putting iPhone 4s users at risk of malware attacks for not having enough space for updates. Good guy apple is back!

-Kevin Cook