Is Towing Service A Good Career For Mechanics in Ottawa?

Considering Starting A Towing Service in Ottawa

I’ve been working on cars for a long time now and one thing I know is that there’s multiple way to earn an income in the automobile industry. One of the ways you can get out of a shop and onto the road is by working as a tow truck driver. In Ottawa, there’s a few reliable companies i’ve looked a before like 24/7 Towing Ottawa. You can see what they’re about on their website. I do think helping people can be a really satisfying experience. So pairing working on cars with also helping people would be a great position for me. After working in a shop repair vehicles for many years, you get tired of seeing the same four walls over and over and it makes me wonder if maybe I should expand my business and add some towing trucks to my services offered. It’s tough to say whether or not it would work our or if I would find it annoying but it may be worth a shot.

How much do tow truck drivers make

The average tow truck service price seams to be about an even $100 but from what I hear there are some big pay days. As explained in on yahoo answers the tow truck driving job can be a commission job. If you’re only making 10% on the job then it’s absolutely a waste of time. But the company I talked to said more like 30%. SO if you think about it, maybe $100 per tow and you do about 10 per day then you’ve got yourself a decent take at around $300. This is of course assuming they are going to cover gas and everything.

Would It Be Fun To be A Tow Truck Driver

Th one thing I love about wha tI currently do is the autonomy. I can choose what to fix and when to fix it in the tuning business the custom factor is very entertaining. There’s so many unique parts that you’ll need to find custom solutions for the seemingly normal parts like gear shifter, engines and brakes. It’s just not cut and dry at all.

Towing Service Earnings

The salary for tow truck drivers is hovering somewhere around $30,000 per year, which is pretty low given I am nearly double that slaty annually. I think you would need to factor in that when I tow vehicle I can also take them to my body shop for further repairs. Something that might not be an option for some young guys just starting out getting their first tow truck and trying to figure out there rent. They aren’t thinking about investing for a long term gain. If you own the truck and can produce your own calls then you are pretty well set I mean look a some of the auto glass companies that also have a towing service. It’s absurd the kind of many that can be made when you combine both into one automotive solution and have reliable guys hired to complete all the work.

Towing and the Law

Sems there’s been quite a few pblems with towing and the police in Ontario. The tow truck drivers are apparently racing to the accidents because their is a big payout of $350 hookup and 2-5 per km in Canada. Compared to the usual $100 there is a great incentive to risk a $500 fine racing to the scene of an accident. I don’t know about you but if the math adds up and I don’t lose my license I would pay that fine all day. Oh well just another thing for Canada’s new prime minister Justin Trudeau to figure out. Maybe the liberal government will tackle this issue after they legalize marijuana in Ontario and the accidents levels to drunks driving go down just like they did in Colorado, From one gear head/pothead to another, I’m tired of dealing with my Hell’s Angels pot dealer I just want to go somewhere like the LCBO and buy a gram for fucks sakes. Maybe I should act like this company did and charge $48,000 for service on an old jeep.

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