dan cook

Kevin Cook here, nice to meet you!

I’m a serious gearhead and have been expressing the engineer portion of my brain since I was a little kid. I love taking things completely apart and trying to rebuild them. Which led me toward the car tuning and repair industry. I also love doing modifications on tech equipment as well. I’m actually quite excited to see how the two industries tech and auto merge over the next few year…hopefully I have some more money to spend on whatever is coming down the road.

People like Elon Musk really inspire me to not accept things as they are and tear down and rebuild to things to answer questions and push things further. Now I’m just some guy messing around with cars and computers but I think that’s where it all starts. We experiment, projects get bigger and bigger until you’re Elon Musk sitting on late night talk show joking about nuking the mars because you are the pseudo evil villain of the world…which couldn’t be further from the truth.

This website will be the future home of my full on repair shop where you can send items in to be repaired or drop by. I’m still looking for a good location and well quite frankly I need to put some more money in the bank before I dive too far into debt. So until then I’ll just be adding some stories as I figure out how to put together the best interface for the stores website.

Regardless, anything is possible and I’m just an email away if you’d like to discuss any customizations or general tech junkie stuff. I’m all ear and am looking to fill a gap of repair and customizations in the tech and auto industry that not every small town guy or gal has access to.

Just shoot me a quick email and let’s chat!

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